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Arbora Homes is pleased to announce the successful planning approval for its sustainable housing development project on Darsham Road, Westleton, Suffolk

Essex-based residential house builder and developer, Arbora Homes, has received planning permission for a new development in Westleton, Suffolk. Nestled on the eastern boundary of Darsham Road, the development will feature 15 residential dwellings designed to blend seamlessly with the local surroundings and contribute to the sustainability goals of the community. The design, developed in collaboration with SPD Studio, reflects a sensitive approach to the existing site and local vernacular, ensuring the new homes integrate harmoniously with the surrounding architecture.

The development’s thoughtfully designed homes are tailored to meet the diverse needs of future residents. Among them are three one-bedroom and two two-bedroom homes dedicated to affordable housing, contributing to a mixed tenure approach that aligns with the village’s diversity. The development will also include three, three-bedroom homes, two, four-bedroom homes, and five, five-bedroom homes, providing a range of housing options. Expansive agricultural farmland and an enchanting mature woodland provide a natural backdrop to the development.


Comfortable and Multi-functional Spaces

The internal layout of these homes ensures comfortable and functional living spaces. The rooms are strategically designed to maximise natural sunlight and solar thermal energy, contributing to energy-efficient and sustainable living. The placement of kitchens at the rear of properties allows for open, multifunctional spaces with pleasant garden views, fostering a connection with the outdoors. Each dwelling also incorporates a dedicated study room or home office to cater for the evolving needs of modern lifestyles.

Residents of this upcoming development will benefit from the village’s proximity to essential amenities, with Middleton Primary School just 1.6 miles away, and Saxmundham’s nearest supermarket a convenient 7.1 miles away. Adding to the natural allure, the Westleton Heath National Nature Reserve, a 9.32-hectare site featuring heathland and woodland, is less than half a mile from the development. Offering residents a unique connection to the local environment.


Community-led Design Development

The design development of houses at Darsham Road, Westleton, reflects a comprehensive and iterative process that has responded thoughtfully to feedback, engagement, and a deep understanding of the local context. Commencing with the outline planning application submitted to East Suffolk Council Borough Council in November 2020 and subsequent approval in March 2022, the evolution of the proposal has been marked by engagement with statutory authorities, specialist consultants, and the local community.

Notably, a Pre-App meeting in July 2022 yielded mostly positive feedback, prompting beneficial updates, including the introduction of curvature in the road and build lines, adjustments to dwelling orientations, and a reduction in overall roof heights to better integrate with the local context.

The design team, led by SPD Studio, actively responded to suggestions and concerns, realigning parking, relocating garages, rearranging dwellings for enhanced amenity space, and creating larger private spaces behind properties. A key milestone in the design development was the engagement with the Parish Council in September 2022, where queries were addressed, and reassurances were provided regarding the project’s alignment with Westleton’s village vernacular and character.

The surrounding vernacular of Westleton, characterised by a rich tapestry of architectural styles, features, and historical elements, has served as a guiding influence on the aesthetic design of the Arbora Homes development. Embracing the variety of styles seen in the existing dwellings along Darsham Road and the conservation area, the development will incorporate distinctive details such as chimneys, soldier courses, as well as bay, sash and dormer windows.


Sustainable Development

Michael Reeves, Managing Director of Arbora Homes said: “At Arbora Homes, we have a strong commitment to sustainability with all of our developments. Westleton is no different, the development incorporates various sustainable principles at every stage of its design. A Fabric-First approach has been employed to enhance the building’s energy efficiency, aligning with current Building Regulations. This involves a focus on high-performance thermal insulation and improved airtightness in the building envelope, effectively reducing the overall heating energy demand. The design embraces passive solar strategies, harnessing natural light and solar heat while relying on air movement for ventilation. This approach seeks to minimise or eliminate the need for artificial lighting, heating, cooling, and ventilation, resulting in both energy efficiency and cost savings, which is so important for all homeowners right now.”

The Arbora development boasts a forward-thinking sustainability strategy by incorporating electric fast-charging points for all parking spaces, aligning with the increasing shift toward electric vehicles. The development’s climate change mitigation and adaptation measures encompass various features, such as energy-efficient window glazing, rainwater harvesting, and the use of dual and low-flush toilets, all contributing to a holistic and environmentally conscious living environment.

Construction of the Arbora Homes Westleton development is set to commence in early 2024. For more information, updates on the development, or to register your interest, get in touch with us via info@arborahomes.co.uk.

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