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As first-time buyers, we moved into our home in February 2022. The sales team were excellent in providing us with the documents needed for our help to buy equity loan and nurtured us throughout the process. The build quality really is second-to-none, our family and friends have been blown away with some of the features and material quality. Our cul-de-sac is beautiful, and we often have locals from the heart of the village walking by commenting how well our homes fit in the area. The aftercare team have also been great, with prompt repair for minor snags via a mobile app portal, arranging technical run throughs of our systems with the manufacturers, and providing all warranty documents in our welcome pack. Arbora made our purchase straightforward and easy, giving us complete clarity throughout and being ears to our questions.


Jack Blyth, Home Buyer

We have recently purchased a new build from Arbora homes in Castle Camps and couldn’t be happier! The build quality and after care service we have received from Arbora has been second to none and we would have no hesitation in recommending them for their outstanding support in making the purchase such a pleasant experience.


Paul Martin, Home Buyer

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