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Arbora Homes is thrilled to announce the introduction of a cash incentive to support customers purchasing a new Arbora home. The Mortgage Cap will help home buyers to cap their mortgage rate at 3% for two years.

The offer applies to all of Arbora Homes’ properties at The Lindens development in Gosfield, meaning every type of home buyer, from first-time buyers to downsizers can benefit from the offer. With the increased inflation rate renters and homeowners have been faced with rising rents and mortgage costs through higher interest rates. Having missed the opportunity to secure lower mortgage rates, this cash contribution by Arbora Homes will help reassure home buyers looking to buy a new home.

With the financial concerns that many homebuyers are currently facing, the Mortgage Cap provides a solution for home buyers to secure a home without sacrificing location, high quality, or sustainable features.

“Arbora Homes has a commitment to its community and will always look at ways to support its homeowners. We build sustainable homes that promote low-carbon living, which reduces the living costs for homeowners in an Arbora home. Now, in response to the rising interest rates of mortgages, we are offering a buyer incentive to help them achieve a much lower mortgage rate overall.” says Michael Reeves, Managing Director of Arbora Homes. All Arbora Homes properties come with a dedicated aftercare service and 10-year warranty.

To be eligible for the Mortgage Cap offer, buyers must agree to the offer at the time of reservation and complete on their new Arbora home by 31 December 2023. All incentives are subject to lender criteria, and the amount Arbora Homes will agree to pay will be based on a fixed rate cap of up to 6% and will be no more than 5% of the property’s purchase price.

Secure your dream home with an affordable mortgage rate today. Speak with our Sales Agent, Harris + Wood, to find out more about the Mortgage Cap incentive, along with available properties and the reservation terms and conditions.

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