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Arbora Homes is thrilled to announce that planning approval has been granted for its highly anticipated residential development in Braiswick, Colchester.

The Arbora Homes development is set to bring high-quality traditional-style housing to the area, enhancing the character and identity of this picturesque neighbourhood.

Designed with careful consideration for the local context, the Arbora Homes development offers a range of 2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom family homes, including an above-policy level of affordable housing. Each home has been thoughtfully designed with a focus on quality and sustainability, ensuring a comfortable and modern living experience for residents.

The developmentā€™s layout takes cues from the surrounding context, incorporating a landscape-led “Arcadian” approach. Dwellings have been strategically positioned to maximise natural daylight, privacy, and passive surveillance. The single vehicular access point and shared surfaces promote permeability and provide a safe environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.

Throughout the design process, Arbora Homes actively engaged with the local planning authority, consultants, and residents to ensure that the development met the needs and desires of the community. Feedback from pre-application submissions, responses from the Colchester Borough Council, and comments from public consultations were carefully incorporated into the layout and design, resulting in a truly community-oriented development.

Sustainability is a key focus of the Arbora Homes development. Initiatives such as highly insulated building fabric, passive ventilation, solar energy utilisation, and renewable energy sources contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The development strives to minimise its carbon footprint and create an environmentally friendly neighbourhood.

“We are delighted to receive planning approval for the Arbora Homes development in Braiswick,” said Michael Reeves, Managing Director at Arbora Homes. “Special thanks go to Sustainable Planning Design Studio, our architectural design and planning team. As a team, we have worked closely with the local planning authority and the community to create a development that not only enhances the area’s character and appearance but also provides high-quality homes that meet the needs of modern families. We look forward to bringing this vision to life and welcoming residents to their new homes.”

Construction of the Arbora Homes development is set to commence early 2024. For more information, updates on the development, or to register your interest, get in touch with us via info@arborahomes.co.uk.

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