Let's go!

Arbora Homes launches Clixifix, an award winning defect and repair resolution software, as its online customer service portal for Arbora homeowners. The online portal allows home owners to have a one-stop-shop for all their aftercare needs, from in-depth guides and defect management advice, to free tools and templates.

Susie Bradshaw, Head of Customer Services at Arbora, says:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be using Clixifix to bolster our commitment to quality customer care so that our homeowners have complete transparency and visibility throughout the defects period of their new home. We know that Clixifix will help resolve defects quickly and efficiently whilst providing an exceptional level of customer service we want our Arbora homeowners to receive.”

Clixifix uses a traffic light display system on the platform that gives homeowners the ability to see what work has been done, what is new, and what needs attention. Helping Arbora homeowners to have a better understanding of the progress of any home defect repairs required on their property.

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Clixifix is the perfect solution for providing the very best customer service for Arbora home owners.